Thursday, January 3, 2013

Is your 4th grader gifted?

Each family has their own reasons for choosing to homeschool, but for many parents of gifted kids, homeschooling is an excellent option.  Public schools are stretched with tight budgets and overcrowded classrooms, and even those with programs just for gifted kids have likely had their budgets cut in recent years.

Besides that, gifted programs in public schools are limited by what the school district considers appropriate materials to teach, and curious, intellectual children may want to explore something completely different. Instead of pushing a child in a certain direction, as happens in public school, homeschooling allows a gifted child to explore their interests in depth. As we all know, kids learn best when the material is interesting to them! So try keeping them connected by finding their passion, whether it be foreign languages or homeschool nutrition lessons or spearheading a community service project, gifted kids excel when they are empowered to learn about what interests them.

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