Thursday, December 27, 2012

Why the first year of homeschooling is so difficult

If you're new at homeschooling and having rough time of it, don't worry - you're not alone! Whether your kids have attended school somewhere else, or you’re starting to homeschool in the preschool or kindergarten years, adjusting to a homeschooling lifestyle does take some time.   Many people say that the first year of homeschooling is the most difficult.

Finding a curriculum that works for your family may take some time. Quite often, what a family starts homeschooling with has changed by the end of that first year. The process of trial and error means that what you thought would work well for your kids somehow didn’t live up to your expectations.  Luckily, there are so many different forms of curricula out there, with a little patience you’re sure to find the right fit.

Sometimes new homeschooling parents give their kids a period of "de-schooling" to adjust to the very different lifestyle of homeschoolers. Give yourself plenty of time to adjust and keep reminding yourself that the hard part is in the beginning and it will certainly get easier.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fourth grade: So much to learn, so little time!

Fourth grade: So much to learn, so little time!

Over time, we have touched on a few of the topics that your fourth grader will experience during the year. Truth be told, these topics were only the tip of the iceberg. In social studies she will study states and capitals, world maps, and civics. In language arts your fourth grader will become more fluent in reading, writing, and speaking. Some of those changes are because she has reached physical milestones that make speaking easier, and fine motor control of the pencil better. Some of those changes are because your child is gaining vocabulary and social skills that are a result of increasing maturity and the quest for independence. Friends become more important as your child expands her reach outside of the family. Fourth grade is an exciting and scary time when she is changing both mentally and physically. Remind your child about issues of safety regarding strangers and internet usage. Be willing to discuss topics that might make you uncomfortable. If they make you uncomfortable imagine how they make your child feel. Enjoy and feed her natural curiosity, and experience the world in a new way through the knowledge that your fourth grader absorbs on a daily basis. It is an exciting time, for her and for you. Make the most of it!