Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Should you ask your local school for help with homeschooling?

It seems everyone has a different opinion on the value of their local public school to their family’s homeschooling efforts. Folks who’ve had bad experiences with public schools are far less likely to look into extracurricular activities there for their kids, for example. Parents who’ve never dealt with the public schools may not have a knowledge base of how these schools function. But in either case, it’s a good idea to keep tabs on your local public school system.
Some school districts will allow homeschoolers to receive services like speech therapy or occupational therapy at their schools, for example, and others will only provide evaluations for these services, but not the services themselves. Some districts allow homeschoolers to participate in after school sports or clubs, and others won’t. It can’t hurt to ask, and to know their policies.
In some parts of the country, homeschoolers can attend public school part time, or enroll in just certain classes. Maybe you’d like to cover the core curricula at home but have your child take an art or foreign language course at the school. Private schools will also sometimes offer these types of things to homeschoolers, so don’t overlook their resources.

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