Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Where Did The Halloween Pumpkin Come From?

Where did the Halloween Pumpkin come from?

Pumpkin carving, it is perhaps the biggest tradition of Halloween. But it's not the first vegetable to be carved.

Long before pumpkin carving became popular, Celtic people in Ireland were carving turnips and lighting them with embers, to ward off evil spirits. This Celtic custom was the historical root of pumpkin carving. The Irish immigrants brought their tradition with them. Pumpkins are native to America. In those days, they were not found in Ireland. As Irish immigrants came to America, they discovered pumpkins. They quickly discovered that hollow, softer pumpkins, were much easier to carve.

Carving turnips dates back many hundreds of years, to ancient Celtic customs and traditions. This was commonly done on All Hollow's Eve, of which Halloween takes much of it's origin. Carving turnips never quite caught on in America.....thanks to pumpkins. But, you can try your hand at carving turnips for Halloween.

Did you Know? Rutabagas were also carved and lit to keep evil spirits away.

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Happy Halloween everyone.

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