Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What Are Your Favorite Educational TV Shows?

What are your favorite educational TV shows? My son loves to watch "Mythbusters" and "How It's Made". I can’t believe how much he has learned from these two shows. He has watched shows about beekeeping and shows about making a drum. There are so many topics that they cover. I love that both of these shows are well researched and educationally sound. You can’t say that about a lot of the TV that’s out there.

My son also like to watch the shows on Animal Planet. You can go online to YourDiscovery.com to explore the same animals you watch on Animal Planet. They have pictures of all kinds of animals from sharks to pets. You can also play games and test your knowledge of these animals and their habits. They even have a print magazine that you can subscribe to.

The History Channel is just what you need if you want to learn about the Civil War or The first Space Flight. Ancient History to modern history, it’s all there for you.

I love the fact that all you have to do is turn the TV dial and you can go from mindless nothingness to real history. Yes, this is a great homeschool curriculum to me.

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