Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More fourth grade science

Fourth grade science

Your fourth grader probably began to study science last year. For many students, fourth grade is the first year when there is actually a full year course in science. Because of that a lot more information is covered in fourth grade than in previous years. This is a good thing because fourth graders are curious, and are more interested in the world around them. Topics that will be covered in the fourth grade science might include the basics of weather, the functions of the bodies various systems, plant and animal cells, the water cycle, and the scientific method. Fourth graders like to be hands on in their study of science. They love to experiment with magnets, and circuits. If you haven’t added a microscope to your child’s hands-on tools yet, you might want to consider one, and a telescope, also. To add to the fun of fourth grade science check to see if there is a local astronomy club, or arts and science museum. Either of those type of places would probably have some great hands on things for your budding scientist to try. You might also consider checking out local zoos, parks, or nature centers. Sometimes they have great weekend classes or holiday camps to add to your child’s science education. Don’t forget to check online for videos and experiments to try at home.

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