Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fourth grade math: Identifying numbers to 100,000

Fourth grade math: Identifying numbers up to 100,000.
Continuing on the idea of what your fourth grader will be expected to accomplish during this school year, it will by necessary for your child to be able to identify numbers to the 6th place or 100,000. One of the ways that we worked on this at our house was to make place value charts. To do this we created boxes for each place value, and labeled the place value on top of each box. I would then write a number on a piece of paper and hand it to my child. Her assignment was to place each number of that number into the appropriate box. I asked her to speak the numbers out loud. This many sound complicated, but without giving you a chart I will try to show you what I mean. I would give my child a number like 345,678. Her job was to identify each number and place it in the appropriate box. “Eight will go in the ones place box, seven will go in the tens place box.” After all numbers were placed, I would ask her to use the labels above the boxes to read the number to me. It is more complicated in explanation than it is in real life, trust me! Some parents use tokens, or beads as place holders, and to show when you move from ones place to tens place, and so on. I did read in one place not to use coins since they already have a value assigned to them, sometimes the children get the value of the coin and the place value it is representing confused. Good luck with place values.

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