Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Reading is Important

Reading is important

Did you read to your child when she was younger? Many parents begin reading bedtime stories to their babies at a very early age. Those same parents continue that activity as their young child is learning to read. Then at some point, we stop reading to our children. There are a lot of reasons for this. By fourth grade there are many after school activities, such as sports and music lessons. There are also more social obligations for fourth graders, including things such as birthday parties and getting together with friends for movies and things. Afternoons and evenings get eaten up with homework, and the mad rush to bedtime, so that we can begin the whole race again, bright and early tomorrow. Sometimes it is our children who think that being read to is for babies. At fourth grade, they may say that, but since they are not completely independent of parents, secretly they may still want the time together. Reading, and the bonding time that it allows is important. Let your child see you read, let them know that it means something to you. Encourage your child to read on their own, too. By fostering a love of books and reading early, we are encouraging our children to be lifelong learners and that is a good thing to be!

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