Friday, March 30, 2012

Physical Education

What do you do for physical education? I mean nine year old boys, they run all the time. They don’t really have a slow speed. Everything they do is fast and faster. So do they really need a time that is set aside for physical education? I don’t think they do. My son plays soccer three times a week. He plays on a city league that has a game and a practice every week. He also plays on a homeschool soccer league. In the city league he gets to learn the rules of soccer. He learns what it means to play competitively. But in the homeschool league he learns to play as a team. He learns what it means to help the other kids that you are playing with. He learns sportsmanship. To me that is so much more important than learning the rules of soccer. For us, soccer is what we write down as our health games and physical education class. But I think he also gets physical education during the afternoon after soccer when he is hanging out with his friends in the park.

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