Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Geography of United States

4th grade Geography of the United States

Another thing that your child will probably study in the fourth grade year is the geography of the United States. Much like the history of the student’s home state, geography of the United States can be a whole bunch of memorization. It can be so much more, however. Beyond the normal learning of the states names, and capitals, there is learning the position of each state geographically, it’s neighbors, and general topography. Once your child has gotten the basics down, then is a time to get more adventurous in learning about the geography of the United States. America is an incredibly diverse country geographically. We have coasts on three major bodies of water, there are numerous mountain ranges, and unique features such as the Grand Canyon, and Niagara Falls. With access to the internet, it is possible to go on video tours of major land forms like the Rocky Mountains, and virtually visit places such as the volcanoes of Hawaii. Geography does not have to be a boring subject. Use some imagination and treat yourself and your child to some great views. Take the study of the geography of the U.S. into other subjects, like history and geology. The more engaging the study is, the more your child will remember.

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