Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fourth Grade Fractions

Fractions can be really hard for some kids. My son likes math but he doesn’t like to work. If he has to think about something he really is not interested. This goes for fractions as well as anything else. My son also loves to eat. So I thought why not combine fractions with food. So that is just what we did. I decided we were having pizza for lunch. First we made the crust. I spread it out in that pan. Then my son poured sauce all over it. I don’t like mushrooms but my son loves them. So I asked him how much of the pizza he was going to eat. He decided he would eat half. So we put mushrooms on his half of the pizza. I decided that I wanted pepperoni on my part of the pizza. But I knew I wouldn’t eat half of a pizza. So we divided my half in half again. We now had four quarters of pizza. Two for my son, or half for him, one for me and one left over. Then my son sprinkled cheese all over the pizza. We popped it in the oven and in a few minutes we were taking our piping hot lunch out of the oven.. We cut each quarter of the pizza in half again. Now we had eight pieces of pizza. My son took his half of the pizza. He had four pieces or four eights. One half is the same as four eighths. I had two pieces of pizza. So we could see that two eights is the same as one quarter. And we had two pieces left for a snack later. It didn’t take long until we had no pizza left. Zero eighths is the same as nothing. Dakota loves his fraction lessons. Learning with food is fun.

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